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Peruvian Cooking

Hi! I’m Maryan Carrillo and I am originally from Lima in Peru but I have lived in Britain for many years now. My mother and grandmother are superb cooks with a strong passion for wonderful flavours and, of course, they taught me to cook their delicious recipes!

One of the main ingredients in Peruvian cooking is chilli, a particular chilli called “Panca.” This is the ancient name given to it by the Incas, and it has a unique smoky, sweet and spicy taste.

A couple of years ago, my friends urged me to start selling the food I was feeding them. They had fallen in love with the rich and flavoursome cuisine of Peru, so I created Taste Peru.

I made Rumba Peruvian marinade and hot dipping sauces, using authentic chillies from Peru. It’s a mouth-watering range of authentic and exciting sauces with real and distinctive Peruvian flavours. I use four varieties of homegrown Peruvian chillies and our secret family recipe, handed down over generations.

Remember “Saucy Variety” is the Spice of Life! x

Our Kitchen

I have now been selling the sauces at various food fayres held at stately homes, organic markets, festivals and garden centres across Yorkshire. And, of course, direct to my friends and colleagues! I receive a lot of favourable feedback and repetitive orders which has helped to build my confidence in the quality of my products.

I would like everyone to sample my sauces. They are reasonably priced and have wonderful fragrant and fruity flavours to add to rice and stir-fry. They make wonderful marinades for vegetables, meat or fish and they all marry nicely with a full-bodied red wine such as Rioja Tempranillo!

I am proud to have two mothers who have included me in the kitchen. Every plate that we prepare is made between laughter to create delicious dishes with delightful flavours

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I”Hard to find decent sauces so glad iv found these if u like spice and flavour you won’t be disappointed”



The most delicious tasting Peruvian food! Highly recommend their varied menu. Something for every taste. You will keep going back for more! I know I do 😂”


I was lucky enough to have some food from Taste Peru this week. It was so tasty and it looked beautiful. I have been wanting more of everything ever since I tried it! The pastry was perfect, the potato cake was heaven and looked like a work of art. Everything was full of flavour. I’m looking forward to visiting the wool market and taking my husband and friends!”